Removals to and from USA

Howdy!  Moving to the USA?

So you’re ready  for a new life in America, or maybe it is time to return home.  You might be one of the many Military Personnel that needs help to relocate. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you every step of the way to make sure your belongings arrive safely and timely. We believe that planning removals to USA is essential and we begin that process with an initial visit to your home, or a telephone consultation. We’ll explain everything from packing, collection and shipping to final delivery and reinstatement of furniture and household goods in USA. We’ll also agree a personal moving plan and keep you updated at all times.
Glasswells is the UK’s leading independent removals company for removals to USA and handles personal and household effects worldwide annually. We’ve been established for over 65 years and have an unrivalled reputation for helpful, professional and reliable service.
From Disneyland to the Grand Canyon, the Hollywood Hills to New York City, the United States is an iconic place, sentimental to the point of surrealism and so rugged, wild, and staunchly individualistic, the spirit of the Old West would at times appear to be alive and well.
Celebrated and disdained all over the world, the United States boasts formidable economic and military might as the world’s most prosperous and powerful nation. A land of corporate democracy and red-blooded capitalism, it is a young and passionate place, blessed with boundless energy and vast open spaces. According to national narrative, the traits of self-reliance, fortitude, and ingenuity – not to mention a spirit of willingness and self-discovery – were the essential building blocks of the United States. In a land of pioneers and immigrants, adventurers and entrepreneurs, anything is possible for those who dare to try… or so says the American Dream.

Did you know?

  • The USA  has had 44 presidents despite Donald Trump being the 45th! This is because Grover Cleveland was President twice, 22nd and 24th.
  • America may soon be getting an extra state because Puerto Rico voted in late 2012 to become a state!