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While Removals to Holland may be routine to us they may not be for you, so to reassure you that you are in safe hands with Glasswells our tailor made door to door service is second to none.

Our experience and professional excellence offers peace of mind and one thing less for you to worry about in the moving process.

Whether your move is into a holiday home or a permanent residence, just leave it to us to ensure a swift and efficient relocation to your new home in the Netherlands.

Glasswells European removals operates regular road services throughout Europe, regularly travelling to all major towns and cities, including removals to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and many more destinations.

Holland or The Netherlands? And what’s the difference between the two? The Netherlands is often referred to as Holland.

Nevertheless, the official name of the country is the (Kingdom of the) Netherlands. The Netherlands consists of twelve provinces, two of them, North and South Holland, are the two provinces that together make Holland.

Due to the maritime and economic power of these provinces in the 17th century, the Netherlands became known worldwide as Holland. To make matters even more confusing the inhabitants of the Netherlands are called Dutch.

The Netherlands, as the name indicates, is low-lying territory, with one-quarter of the country at or below sea level.

Many areas are protected from flooding by dykes and sea walls. Much land has been reclaimed from the sea, the Flevoland polder being the most recent example.

Industrial activity in the Netherlands predominantly consists of food processing, chemicals, petroleum refining as well as electrical and electronic machinery.

It has a dynamic agricultural sector and is well known for its plants and cut flowers. The port of Rotterdam is the busiest in Europe, serving a vast hinterland which stretches into Germany and central Europe.

The Netherlands has a history of great painters. The 17th century was the age of the Dutch Masters, such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer and Jan Steen.

The 19th and 20th centuries were no less remarkable for their high-calibre artists like Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondriaan

Well-known Dutch specialities include raw herring, smoked eel and pea soup, as well as a wide variety of cheeses such as Edam and Gouda.

moving to or from the netherlands

Did you know?

Orange is related to the Dutch Royal Family and represents the national identity of the Netherlands, that’s why Dutch fans dress up in orange.

During some sport events the whole country turns orange and people become infected with what is known as the ‘orange fever’.