Removals to and from Spain

moving to or from spain with glasswells

Moving to or from Spain with Glasswells

If you’re moving to Spain, then contact Glasswells removals to get all your belongings to your new Spanish home with professional excellence and minimum fuss.

Glasswells European removals operates regular road services throughout Europe, offering a door to door service. We regularly travel to all major towns and cities, including removals to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Malaga and many more destinations.

Spain conjures images of flamenco dancers, sangria, bullfighters, and white hillside villages.

Beyond these familiar associations you’ll find that Spain is several countries within a country, with art museums, green highland valleys, historic cathedrals, medieval towns, fine cuisine, raucous nightlife, and an abundance of paintings and sculptures.

Spanish food is rated as one of the best cuisines around the world, consisting of a variety of dishes, which stem from differences in geography, culture and climate.

It is heavily influenced by seafood from the waters that surround the country, and reflects the country’s deep maritime roots. Interestingly, around three quarters of the world’s saffron production is in Spain; saffron being an essential ingredient of the paella dish!

And for all you wine buffs, Spain is the number one in terms of area covered by vineyards, around 15.5 % of the world’s vineyards are in Spain!

Most appealing for anyone visiting or living in Spain is the national insistence on enjoying life. It is the ideal country to make your home, whether you plan to temporarily move to Spain for work, or make it your permanent residence.

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Did you know?

Tapas are not a typical dish or food, tapas are more a way to eat them. The word ‘tapa’ means cover and Tapas originally were slices of cheese or something else used to cover a drink in order to keep flies and mosquitos away!