Packing Tips

Glasswells offer a full range of packing services, but if you choose to pack yourself we have a few handy tips to make it easier for you.

Don’t forget all packing materials are supplied to Glasswells customers free of charge.

If you are unsure as to how things need to be packed please contact our office on 01284 754294 and we will be happy to advise you on the best method.

  • Pack by room and keep similar items together as this will make the unpacking process a lot easier.
  • Label the boxes either writing the room name clearly on the outside of the box or by creating a simple colour code system.
  • Don’t overfill your boxes as you may need to move them around the house as you pack.
  • Make sure you pack heavier items at the bottom of boxes and place lighter ones on top.
  • Pack fragile items carefully and mark the box accordingly so our Removal Crew know to take extra care.
  • Plates – These can be wrapped three or four at a time. Simply place a sheet of paper between each plate and then wrap them all together using two sheets of paper, then place them at the bottom of the box on their side.
  • Glasses – Tumbler glasses can be stacked, up to four, inside one another, again put some paper inside each glass before you stack them, then lay them on the paper and using two sheets wrap them all together. These can be placed upside down in the middle/top of the box. Stemmed glasses need to be wrapped individually and stacked upright.
  • Pots and pans – These can be stacked inside each other by putting paper inside each one to protect them.
  • Bowls – All sized bowls can be packed the same as pots and pans.
  • Small Items – Pack smaller items such as condiments around the pots or bowls to fill up any free space.
  • Cutlery – When packing cutlery ensure there is sufficient paper wrapped around knives and forks so they do not break through as this could result in cutting yourself when unpacking.
  • Books – All books should be packed in the smaller boxes and stacked spines up to avoid the pages getting damaged.
  • Pictures and mirrors – All small pictures can be wrapped and stacked on their sides. Larger pictures an mirrors need to be handled separately and treated as fragile, so it is best to leave these items for the removals crew to handle on the day

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